1. Letters from my mother on the occasion of a great depression

  2. Dreamin’ bout last weekend. How do you ladies handle post-fest blues?


  3. chicagozinefest:

    WOAH. Thanks to everyone (coordinators, volunteers, exhibitors, attendees, panel members, readers, sponsors, & donors!) who made CZF 2014 the absolute BEST. We are overwhelmed by how good this weekend truly was, and we have lots of love for every single one of you. For real — thank you so, so much!

    We’d love to hear what you thought of the fest. If you have a minute, please fill out the post-fest survey!

  4. Today at was the best! Thanks to everyone who came out! See you next year at CZF 2015!

  5. Starts tomorrow! I’ll be reading at The Hairpin Arts Center at 7pm!

  6. Chicago Zine Fest in the Reader! It’s Saturday, y’all!

  8. There will be free fortunes at my table at Zine Fest!

  9. Stayin’ in on Saturday night and foldin’ zines just for you!

  10. LadyParts II: Poems for Lovers Lost and Leaving is ready for copying!